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Superb Collaberation

Great work, nice and nostalgic too, still remember the insanity of Doom I & II on Ultra Violence, god that was insane.

On the matter of the animations, some really stood out for me. First off the main menu screen was a stroke of genius being the game cover animated. Its good to see Sick Death Fiend's work again too, with a good solid animating style that certainly isn't afraid to rip your kidneys out through your layrnx. The other scene that caught my eye was Serges "the pit", nice ballsy action scene, I wonder if he took that from one of my own favourite levels? Tricks and Traps?
Nice choice of dramatic music too, excellent companion to the project.

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Great Skills

Relatively simple idea very well executed. The animation is fluid and dynamic with good proportions. The style is bright but with comical overtones dotted around. It really is very well done.

I can't help but think of "City of Heroes" when watching this either actually, has most of the gameplay elements for it!

Simply put, very good.

Why Is This So Popular?

Christ its like Ricky Gervais all over again, everyone loves him, I don't get it.

Ok I'm gonna be harsh here Amai-kun, seeing as everyone else seems to be licking your ass I'll tell it as I see it.

First off- The drawings were nice in that whole Tim Burton Goth look, however the fact that the actual animation consisted of some sliding layers and "old film" decay. There is a lot better graphical animations for the scores people are giving, like bitey of brackenwood and fallen angel.

Sound- Nice choice of music, fits perfectly, however in the end its just one sound effect played over the entire piece.

Interactivity- 1 for the play button I guess.

Style- Basically I hate this almost "misuse" of gothic. The poem was lovely, but should have stayed as one. But let me state something, I don't hate goths or the goth trend, in fact I like the whole thing. What I hate is what people "Think" goth is and therefore are gradually turing it into. What do you mean I hear you say? I'm talking about a bunch of whiney mopers wanting to change there names to something like "Whispered Pain" or "Dark Raven" yet who act all superior like only they know the punchline to the great joke that is life. Well to hell with that, that isn't goth. So you can probably understand why it pisses me off that a very respectable but unremarkable flash comes along and just because its "dark" and "moody" and has a goth girl its the most beautiful thing someone has ever seen. Thats as pretentious as someone telling jokes about the boxing day tsunami then everyone saying their really edgey and against the system. Hell the best representation I can probably think of of a goth would be Germaine from the Foamy series, at least she doesn't bitch about everything while looking depressed, she's just getting on with her life enjoying the alternative side, talking mostly about the same random shit while suffering the same random problems. Urg rambling now, but you get the point.

To round off, I think the poem is quite charming in its own way, rather unique for newgrounds. However the animation is not, and its score is undeserved.

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Simply Simple

Its no Xiao Xiao (quite frankly where the hell IS Xiao Xiao?) but it is fun and it is quite clever, lack of sound FX is a bit dissapointing but the uniqueness of the combat idea as well as the suprisingly imagenitive coreography and ending more than make up of it.

A good, fun stick flash.

Somethings lacking

Once again, Hank's in Nevada. Once again theres Jesus a zombies and plenty of guns. And despite being ultimately cool, this still felt like an add-on rather than a sequel. Something is missing, whether it be bigger guns, or more elaborate set pieces (like on a moving train or something).
I'm not sure what exactly needs to be added, but the Madness needs to be taken to the next level I think, I just have no idea what that next level is....

Krinkels responds:

I feel the same way. And I know now what I must do. Give me time.

Stomp in flash

Great flash, very simple but expertly executed it is a great little video to go with stomp-esque music, in fact I wouldn't be suprised if its on of their pieces. Good work.

Dustball responds:

Nope, I made them sounds myself, and arranged them!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Yes, this is indeed a rip off of Krinkels work with Hank in the Madness series. But my god it's good though.
Not to found of the fact there rabbits though, not sure why. Anyway, very good stuff, nice and fluid with great choreography in the combat.

A true sequel

Longer, nastier, funnier. Christ I'm not sure how to rate a dead baby... though the whole exectution was like really dark monty python material, brilliant, love the whole schoolboy error thing at the end too.

Great animation and voice acting, burnt face man's voice is a particularly good cast, and the trademark changing backgrounds always play that nice key in setting a mood for a scenario or action.

Keep it up.

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Like superman, only crap.....and disfigured.

Theres something about this new series, I just believe its much more obviously comedy when compared to the memoirs of a nutcase that is salad fingers. This makes it easier to have a chuckle about, even if the "disfigured hero" material is close to morally wrong by average joe standards. That being said its hilarious in its political incorrectness and I hope the series continues as does your competence in work.


Its so difficult to rate a movie like this. the basics like animation are fine, high detailed with nice bold expressions and the voice acting nice and clear. But the topic is quite specific and so fast paced that its best to watch the 8-bit theater movies just before this one to get the jokes, even then a second viewing is necessary as you miss about 3 because your laughing so much from a previous joke. Excellent, nutty work full of a sort of animated nostalgic slapstick, recommended viewing.

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